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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Enfield – Birthdays Coach HIRE 
We offer birthday coach hire services right around Enfield. Planning for birthday parties can sometimes bring unwanted stress. It can be difficult to secure a venue or even coordinate the arrival of all your guests. When the person being honoured is the one doing the planning, it helps to know that travel and other arrangements are being handled by capable individuals. Our Enfield minibus hire will take care of all your travel needs so that you can relax. 
Whether you have guests arriving from other parts of the UK via rail or need airport transfers, we can meet them and take them directly to your home. We are familiar with all the hotels in the area and will ensure that your loved ones get there safely. Our minibus hire in Enfield will make your celebration even more stylish. We provide your party with a designated driver so all the adults can relax and enjoy the important occasion. 
Spacious Coaches 
With our wide selection of coaches, we will always have the perfect fit for your group. Reclining seats allow each of your guests to find a position that is ideal when they want to rest during long journeys. Carpeted floors add to the ambiance in the spacious cabins of our Volvos and give your event that extra touch of elegance that you deserve. All of our vehicles are built and maintained by leading brands, such as Ford and Mercedes Benz.  
We offer coaches of different sizes, including 49 seaters and 16 seaters. This way, you can hire one that closely matches the number of people in your group. You never have to hire a bus that has much more space that you need and all of your guests will arrive at your chosen venue at the same time. This is much better than having family and friends arriving at different times via car pools. Our experienced team will help you plan your trip and help you get to your destination in an efficient manner. 
With our birthday coach hire, you will not have to provide as much parking for individual cars. Since our buses are regularly maintained and checked before each trip, you don’t have to worry about mechanical problems en route. Our capable mechanics ensure that you will have a smooth ride. When you drive your own vehicles, there is a chance that some may develop problems along the way and that can affect the whole party.  
Enjoy Enfield 
People have different activities planned for their birthday and Enfield has a lot to offer. Our Enfield minibus hire can take you to any of the following locations: 
Scenic Trent Park for picnics  
Lee Valley Regional Park 
Paradise Wildlife Park 
Guildhall Art Gallery and Roman London’s Amphitheatre 
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 
Acapulcos Mexican Restaurant 
Crown and Horseshoes riverside pub 
Experienced Drivers
Our experienced drivers have helped many people to celebrate their special day and they know how important it is to plan their routes carefully. They eliminate traffic and choose the way that will get your guests to your event as quickly as possible while driving at a moderate speed. They know Enfield well and will find any venue that you have chosen. 
Sometimes guests have a hard time finding restaurants, hotels or other venues that are chosen for a birthday party. Our drivers eliminate the stress associated with trying to figure out how to get to where you are going, so you can leave the maps behind. Relax with our capable team and let us make your special day great. Call us today or visit us online to book your trip.