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Double Decker 72 Seater Coach Hire

Enfield – Double Decker Coach 72 Seater 

A double decker 72 seater coach allow large groups to travel together, and gain from the economies of scale. Very often, lack of reliable large coaches to transports very large group force the group to split up, resulting in duplicate costs, extra effort, and inefficiencies.  
Our Enfield minibus hire service offers state of the art coaches from Volvo and Iveco. These coaches come with all modern accessories, such as push back seats with arm rest and head rest, overhead lighting, ample leg space, individual seat belts, overhead luggage storage bin, temperature control options, PA system, GPS, music system, DVD, air conditioning, and more. Your group can travel in the utmost of luxury when you opt for minibus hire in Enfield from us. 
Driving and handling a large double decker 72 seater coach require special skills, and our drivers are up to the task. We handpick them based on their experience in driving similar vehicles, and train them to perfection. They are also well aware of the special regulations and restrictions in taking large vehicles through narrow roads, and will always use the best and appropriate roads, to take you to your destination.  
Our large coaches are have good demand, from tour groups on a sightseeing mission, event organisers, to arrange transportation for guests, corporate groups for conference transfers and airport transfers, organisers of weddings and other private functions, and more. 
We offer the best rates, and the most professional service. The benefits of scale when a large group travels together, combined with our low overheads and margins, mean that you get an unbelievable per-head cost of transportation. It is not by chance our Enfield minibus hire is in much demand, and clients who avail our services, leave glowing testimonials.  
Contact our customer support team for a custom quote, to match your requirements.